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ONIT Sports

Bike Fit Cost & Details

**£120 for initial assessment. £60 all follow up appointments

ONIT Cycles believe that being comfortable and efficient on your bike is essential. Bike fitting isn't for the elite cyclist but for all. A lot of people misunderstand that just because you can pedal on a bike doesn't mean you know how to ride correctly. Think of going to the gym and throwing weights about. Unless you have the correct technique you will either be doing damage to yourself or actually not working out effectively. Riding a bike is exactly the same. We've seen plenty of cycling related injuries over the years...

Our bike fitting service takes around 2 hours where we start with a full body assessment and history. We then understand the aims and goals of the client. This then gives the ability to then really optimise the fit time to get the best position. We don't just stop there. With our years of fitting experience we aim to assist the client to improve their technique on the bike. Be it with PES pedalling or posture.

The fit process is via Leomo/Kinovea motion capture technology and also the use of our Apex bike fit machine. We recommend using your bike on our trainer to ensure the measurements are perfect. We then take the measurements using our BICISUPPORT Bike Size and note on our assessment document. The assessment document with all the details including a conclusiuon will be emailed to you after the appointment.

If you would like to book an appointment or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 01656 857202.


We are committed to helping cyclist and triathletes optimise their performance and aero dynamics and savings watts can take minutes off a Time trial, Triathlon or IronMan. Gaining 65 watts on your FTP takes a lot of training but can easily be found if you are not aero. Put it another way. If someone said you could be 25% quicker than you are right now just by getting aero why wouldn't you..???
Using the very latest technology via the NOTIO Connect aero pod, Leomo tyre R and motion analysis, we can identify improvements in aero position. The analysis can take 2-3 hours with fine adjustments and testing.

We have always been at the forefront of Bike Fitting in South Wales and now pushing forward with the only Notio aero testing facility.


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